400 mm dia X 130mm ht with 45mm drain hole & 15mm thick round wash basin.

Granite Vessel Sink:

Natural granite sink is 15mm thick made of one piece 100% natural stone. Brand new high-class idea. It is extremely smooth inside and outside. Extremely high-end product. This natural stone sink will enhance any bathroom.

Granite Fruit Bowl & Shop Dish: 

Natural granite bowl is 3 to 5mm mm thick made of one piece 100% natural stone .240mm dia 3 to 5mm thin weight 1 kg & 300 mm dia 5 to 8mm thick weight 1.5 kg perfect curvature gloss like a mirror is unique in itself.


Natural Stone Washplane

The marble granite Washplane basin /shower tray is created from a flat piece of marble. The aerator spout stops any splashing. It is also available in limestone, granite,sandstone,marble,slate as a double version. The water simply disappears into the wall 1200x400x40mm or custom sizes.

email "washplane"  ballfountain@gmail.com

Limestone Shower Tray

The India  marble Washplane basin /shower tray is created from a flat piece of natural marble.   Each shower tray is produced using the Indian stones. The price is based on the size of 900mm x 900mm x 50mm.

We provide a range of granite, marble, sandstone and travertine shower trays in standard sizes or bespoke orders. For further details on this shower tray and others please e-mail us on samratbhati@gmail.com

Granite Knobs

Beautiful granite knobs, drawer pulls,doorknobs, for kitchens & baths, Our high quality polished granite knobs, Natural granite cabinet knobs, Stone granite knobs, granite cabinet knobs, granite towel bars, granite soap dishes, vanity faucets, Polished Granite Knobs, kitchen cabinet knobs, granite doorknobs, granite door pulls, and handles are produced in our workshops in India.  Brahma Granitech makes a range of exclusive polished granite cabinet knobs, handles, cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, and drawer pulls and door pulls.

Granite Column / Pillar:

Column & pillar cladding are custom built to meet individual requirement. These are available from 15 cm to 100 cm dia and more. Besides, artistic look, these can be load bearing also. These are available in carved panel also.

Marble Planters/Urns/Vase/Flower Vase

Planter is a decorative container for a plant or small tree. Planters made of marble serve as beautiful garden decorative and truly enhance the look of the garden. Marble planters are very durable and can withstand all kinds of climate variations. They are available in many sizes & shapes and can be custom-made to match individual buyers preferences.

The surfaces of marble planters can be finished in a number of ways - smooth finishes tend to emphasize color and veining, whereas rough finishes tend to subdue the veining or markings. The marble planters are intricately carved and stand out with the striking patterns, sharp details and high polish. They are valued for natural beauty, strength and durability.

The marble planters are available in a variety of shapes - rectangular, glass shaped, round, and oval. These decorative marble planters make an impressive gift, and can be used both indoors or outdoors. They are beautifully handcrafted and fully polished to adorn the corners they are placed in. Color, crystals and veining of marble planters are influenced by temperature and mineral elements present in the natural stone. This beautiful solid marble planter is pre-drilled with a hole, so it could be used either for a planter or a fountain base. This planter is available in this color as well as black, white, green or orange marble. Each piece has slightly different characteristics as no two pieces of marble are alike. Brahma Granitech,India manufacturing of hand carved solid natural stone bathtub.

We are supplier of  natural stone bathtub, onyx bathtub, granite bathtub, marble bathroom bathtub, travertine bathtub and slate bathtubs.

Natural stone bathroom bathtub, sand stone bathtub, granite bath tub, marble bath tub luxury bathroom sinks, all natural stone, all hand made. All stone sink & bathtubs carving from one piece block.

Stone bathroom tubs available in green, beige, gray, black, blue, white, pink stones.


e-mail us ballfountain@gmail.com for prices

Marble Lamp Post, Sandstone Lamp Stands, Limestone Lampstone, Garden or Park Natural stone Lamp post

Stone lamp post  is a decorative light  for a plant or small tree. Lamppost  made of marble serve as beautiful garden decorative and truly enhance the look of the garden.

Marble Handrail

These marble balustrade ,baluster,handrail,marble post  ,baluster designs ,stair baluster ,staircase baluster all hand carved from solid blocks of natural marble using the original architectural drawings of the period. Whether you have a home that dates from one of these periods, replicates it or are you simply looking for a hand carved marble balustrade  which will enhance your contemporary home.